Uncovering c-ancer

This is a post from a few years ago. Since treatment I enjoy good health. I am re-blogging this as it is Womb Cancer Awareness month #BeWombAware #support #wombcancer

When I got a diagnosis of cancer I was struck by how much information was shared verbally. On only one occasion did the consultant do a little drawing to illustrate what he would do in the operation. it wasn’t particularly artistic but it really helped me ‘get’ what was going on. Since my treatment I have made a good recovery – physically. The emotional impact of the whole process has been more difficult to deal with – I have at times faced paralysis mentally and physically ¬†– just a sense of stuckness. I didn’t go to support groups. I didn’t feel able to verbalise what was going on – I couldn’t put a shape on the words – but I could shape textiles and textiles seemed to help me make sense of what was going¬†either in the moment or moments after.



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