40stitches40minutes is my response to the Holy Biscuit’s invitation to contribute to the show 40 days in the dark.

For these crochet works, I drews from an experience of self-denial that was imposed by a period of recuperation from illness. This occurred during a particularly polar winter (2010/11) for the North East. I spent much of  my recovery at home creating freeform textiles.

One night, and at one of my lowest points, my partner took me out to experience our backyard. The snow was thigh-deep. The stars twinkled against the blackness with rural clarity. The nearby A-road was silent from the absence of traffic. Crystals slowly drifted downwards from the sky, bathed in the window light that was amplified by the snow. In denying myself the light, safety, and warmth of the domestic space to venture into the dark, cold, and hazardous conditions outdoors, I brought myself unexpected refreshment. The pieces in this exhibition draw from this serene memory of stripping back to essentials amid bleakness.

My usual bright colours have been reduced to a monochrome. My freeform shapes have been flattened to light strips with dark markings. They were composed and executed over a 40-day period. The 40 days started on the 18 February 2015 and I spent 40 minutes each day with a minimum of 40 stitches.




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