membrane has a number of meaning (see Cambridge Dictionaries Online)

  • anatomy – a thin piece of skin the covers or connect parts of a person’s or animal’s body
  • engineering – a very thin piece of material that covers an opening
  • biology – the outer covering of a cell

and the Thesaurus takes you in all sorts of directions – blanket, cladding, wrap, layer…

 If walls could talk by Kate Ive from 2008 draws attention to what happens when walls and membranes get punctured or broken. There is a heaviness and fragility to the images. What presence has interrupted or burst in on the moment. These images and the word membrane trigger thoughts of ‘thicked-skinned’. The outer presence is  strong and almost defiant  in the face of threat or the unknown.   The needle of stitching can, I think, puncture what can be most difficult – even unspeakable. I created the piece below by crocheting a large web for a show Scene created by Sarah Crisp. The narrative of Scene was difficult, it explored acts of everyday terrorism. The red web was light, easy to carry and grew from one single stitch.

web for scene

web for ‘Scene’ by K



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